From Your Pastor's Heart, May 4th 2017


            Saturday, April 22, was Earth Day.  This day is celebrated each year to call us to ecological awareness; to the wonderful intricacies of the world around us.  This year, however, the day was hijacked by planned “marches for science” nation-wide that received a lot on media attention. The marches all had a common theme:  They were pro “climate change doomsday” and anti “people of faith”.  How, and why, did Earth Day become an attack on religion?

I'm a person of faith.  People claim that I blindly follow an ancient manuscript and thus cast aside all logic and reason.  That is a two part statement and needs to be phrased that way.  As to the first part I give a resounding “yes”.  I have decided to blindly follow the Bible.  That is called faith and “ by faith we understand that the universe was formed at God's command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.” (Hebrews 11:3 NIV).  But does that mean I throw away all logic and reason? Absolutely not.  Reason and logic will look at the wonderful, perfect way that all the aspects of life (both plant and animal) work together so that life exists and say that it is both reasonable and logical that there was a creator; that this would not have happened accidentally no matter how far back someone supposes “the beginning” began.

Are people of faith anti-science because we doubt that every word that comes from a scientist’s mouth is infallible?  Is it illogical to think that all current science may not be right; that some scientist’s conclusion may be clouded by a predetermined set of beliefs?  Science has been wrong before and it will undoubtedly be wrong again on some points.  Science should always be questioned.  That’s what makes it better and more accurate.  It’s not a sign of ignorance or stubbornness.

So when I say that I’m not quite sold on this current “global warming” alarmism, it is not me saying that science is always wrong.  It is an acknowledgement that the scientists forecasted a “global ice age” in the 1970’s were wrong and so it’s possible that these could be incorrect, too.  And when I say that I do not believe that the world didn’t “evolve” the way that some scientist claim it’s not because I am an un-educated rube, it’s because I still haven’t seen enough hard facts to disprove what faith tells me really happened.

So let’s celebrate Earth Day as it should be celebrated by showing our love and appreciation to God for creating such a wonderful place.  People of faith should be the foremost caretakers of Earth.  So let’s conserve energy, recycle, save water, don’t litter, and enjoy this gift from God.

Bro. Tony


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