From Your Pastor's Heart, May 5th 2016


            Is this the one? Is this the issue where people finally stand up and say enough is enough? I'm talking, of course, about being forced to let genetic males use restrooms designated for genetic females (and visa versa). People who say they “identify” with the opposite sex can now, legally, enter into any restroom they desire.

            Target stores have officially endorsed that policy, thus putting a stamp of approval on a psychological disorder as well as opening the door for sexual predators to have access to more potential victims.  Please note that I did not say that “transgendered” people are predators.  They are sick and need help, not affirmation, but true sexual predators will most certainly take advantage of the gullibility and ignorance (and in a lot of cases sheer stupidity) masquerading as “diversity”.

            But now we have been given an excellent opportunity to take a stand; a visible, effective stand.  Honestly, I don’t shop at Target much and they will not miss the few dollars I have spent in there. But if every church member in the nation will simply go somewhere else to spend their money, Target will take notice.  Their first reason for existence is to make money. If they begin losing money, or even making less money, they will suddenly become less “diverse”.

            Now if Target decided to build a single-use restroom and just put a sign up that said it was uni-sex, that would solve the problem for me. The few misfortunate folks that want to be another sex would have access to a restroom and no one would be placed in danger from the sexual predators.  But that is not enough for those ignorant enough to   say “transgendered” people should not be treated differently.  They want mentally ill people to be treated as if they were perfectly normal, no matter the cost to the rest of the world.

            Well here is a truth that they cannot deny (even though they desperately try):  They ARE different. We are to be compassionate, and loving toward them, but they need help.  Gender Dysphoria is a real sickness and it is treatable. Instead of putting innocent women and children at risk, let’s get that message out there.

            We will not just send a message to Target, we will send a message to the people of authority in this nation.  We, the people, will not let the agenda of the few LGBT sympathizers dictate the morals and lifestyles of the United States of America.

            Christian, is this the one?

.As usual,

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Bro. Tony

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