From Your Pastor's Heart, Nov 12th 2015


As some of you have heard, Angie and I have purchased a house. I guess I need to explain that so as to ease any fears you may have.  First let me say emphatically that we are not planning on leaving this church and retirement is nowhere in sight.  We just feel that this is best for us on several levels. 

            We have lived in church housing for over 30 years.  That is awesome and each church we served has taken very good care of us in that respect. But that also means that if something was to happen to me Angie would have no place to go.  If I was to have health problems (and the doctor says I’m very healthy) we would have nowhere to stay.  It just made good sense to us to begin preparing for those types of things.  We prayed about it and things came together and we took the plunge.  We now have a “forever home”.

            We are working on the house on some evenings and Saturdays when possible. So that it will meet our “old age” needs and wants.  We are in no hurry to move and will take our time so that when we do move in we will have things ready for a couple of older folks.

            Our desire, of course, was to live in Bluff Park but because it such a fantastic and desirable place to live, the cost of housing was a little beyond our reach. We will be about 15 minutes away at 3838 Parkwood Road, Bessemer.  I promise you that the distance will have no effect on our ability and desire to minister here.  We love the community and each of you especially and look forward to many more years of service here.

            Hopefully, when we do get things situated there, we can host an “open house” so you can share in our excitement of being home owners. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to talk to us about them.  We love you!

Bro. Tony and Angie

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