From Your Pastor's Heart, Nov 17th 2016


This begins a very busy time for us, both at church as a fellowship of believers and personally with family and friends.  That makes it tough, doesn’t it? So much to do.  I want you to know, church family, that I do not take you for granted.  I know how hard you work and I know how tired you get….and you amaze me!

            I'm amazed at your desire to reach out to our community.  You haven’t circled the wagons and developed an “us versus them” mindset in a community that is so diverse. All who walk through those front doors, whether African-American, Hispanic, Chinese, even darn Yankees, are welcomed with open arms and a sincere love.

            I'm amazed at your willingness to try things; to get outside your comfort zones in order to minister to this diverse place in which God has placed this church. 

            I'm amazed at your steadfastness. Some may even call it stubbornness.  But it is a good stubbornness.  You don’t give up.  There are so many huge churches around us and because of their size and wealth they can offer some things we can’t. But you believe, as I do, that God placed us here for a reason.  We offer the things that are truly important as well or better than some of these mega-churches.  We offer a personal touch and family atmosphere. We know each other, we interact with each other, and we rejoice and mourn with each other.  We offer a sound doctrine. We are one of the most Biblically sound churches anywhere and refuse to change it in order to attract the world.

            I am amazed at your work ethic.  Many of you have earned the “right” to sit back, relax a little, and let the young folks shoulder the heavy work.  Yet circumstances put the burden on your back and you push on. There is no other church I know of that can hold a candle to your labor for the Lord.  Of that, I am certain.

            So hang in there.  God has kept and blessed us these many years and He isn’t  about to stop now….not with amazing people like you working so hard!

As usual, say something good about your Savior and about His Church here at Bluff Park.

Bro. Tony

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