From Your Pastor's Heart, Nov 26th 2015


There has already been much controversy over the greeting “Merry Christmas”, as there is every year. Why such a fuss over a phrase that has been in use for such a very long time?  It is, after all, expressing a desire that the person to whom you are speaking will enjoy a holiday that has been celebrated around the world for hundreds of years.  That person will undoubtedly take that day off from work and perhaps even have family get-together. 

            My advice to all those who are “offended” by the phrase “Merry Christmas” is this:  Don’t take the day off.  Treat it like every other day.  If it really offends you, boycott all stores that sell the offensive merchandise and don’t watch TV channels that broadcast Christmas programs.  Go whole hog and sue the cities that hang any sort of decorations that acknowledges that day with colorful baubles: not just crosses and mangers….but anything that points to that day.

Because after all, any celebration of December 25th is a celebration of the birth of Christ regardless of what you call it.  That tree you put up is a Christmas tree even if you want to call it a holiday tree…that holiday is Christmas.  Those two weeks your children take off from school isn’t just a winter break, it is Christmas break; taken because our nation celebrates Christmas.  Those gifts you give and receive are symbolic of the gifts that the wise men presented to the baby born in the manger,

So please don’t be offended when I tell you that I hope you enjoy that day.  If you are an unbeliever I hope you have a pleasant and restful day and I hope you get together with family and have a special time.  I wish you could enjoy it with its full meaning and emphasis, but if not I hope you have the best day possible.  I want you to have a “MERRY CHRISTMAS”!

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