From Your Pastor's Heart, Nov 3rd 2016


Daylight Savings Time ends on November 6th so don’t forget to set your clocks back the night before. Have you planned on what you’re going to do with that “extra” hour you gain?  Of course, we don’t really gain any time; we simply agree to move all of our events around to align our activities to better use the sunlit part of the day.

            Time is a construct of the mind of man.  True, God gave us light and darkness, but mankind divided it up into hours, minutes, seconds….and even nanoseconds.  And I’m thankful because otherwise how would I know how long to heat my Hot Pocket for in the microwave? Time does come in handy.

            But in thinking about the recent passing from physical life to spiritual existence of our two beloved friends, Chris Bloom and Judi Price, I'm reminded that one of the things we will not have to worry about in heaven is time.  I think that the concept of “time” doesn’t exist there. And why should it?  No sunrises and sunsets to mark days.  No Hot Pocket lunches to measure seconds.  Our bodies don’t wear out, there is no sickness.  There is no worry and no stress.  Sadness and pain do not exist. Sorrow, heartache, and disappointment will never be felt. We just exist in the perfect place, worshipping our creator; a “blink of our eyes” and our loved ones are with us.

            According to earthly time I’m a few minutes older right now than when I started writing this article.  By the time you read it, I’ll be days older.  When I set my clock back on Saturday night, it will not add any time to my life.  So in reality, it’s up to me to add life to my time!  I need to enjoy my family, enjoy my work, make better use of my “time” to show and share Jesus with others. But even in the down and dark times (we all have them) recall that whatever we endure in this life is worth it because heaven awaits us.

As usual, say something good about your Savior and about His Church here at Bluff Park.

Bro. Tony

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