From Your Pastor's Heart, Nov 5th 2015


            November is the month of “Thanksgiving”.  I look forward to that particular day as our family gathers and enjoys time together and some really good food. I hope you do, too.  But I also want you to think back…further back than this day and right now.  I want you to think back on all the things you have to be thankful for.

            Many people dwell on what they didn’t have; on how they were deprived of things.  I dare say that if we really think about it we have much more to be thankful for than we realize.  As a young boy and teenager I wanted a motorcycle.  I never got one.  I wanted an electric guitar.  I never got one. I wanted the stylish clothes I saw in the Sears catalogue.  I never got them. I rode the school bus through my senior year because I didn’t have my own car.  Was I deprived?

            Every day when I got off that school bus I walked into a house that was home.  My mother was there and we would have a snack of some sort…a cookie and milk perhaps.  I would do my homework and wait for supper.  Meals were hot and good, but never elaborate. Chef Boyardee pizza from a box was a treat.  Later we’d gather around the one black and white TV we had and watch some programs that weren’t embarrassing or off-color.  We’d even pop some popcorn on occasion.

            Deprived? I was blessed! I can’t recall a single NEED that wasn’t covered.  Thank you, Lord, for meeting my each and every need…physical, emotional, and spiritual.  As I look back on your provision I look forward to your continued care.  May I never cease to give thanks to you.

 Bro. Tony

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