From Your Pastor's Heart, November 16th 2017


There was an incident in Seattle where a homophile owner of a coffee shop made Christians leave his business because they had been outside during the day holding out what was termed “anti-gay” material.  They weren’t being disruptive or antagonistic in the coffee shop. He simply refused to serve them because of their Christian beliefs.

  Of course you heard that on the news, right? What? You didn’t? Hmmmmm.  We’ll surely some federal court is taking him to task for violating the groups civil rights. Huh? That hasn’t happened, either?  Actually, there has been no public outcry from all the “free thinkers” and civil rights activists.  And there won’t be.  Just another incident that lets us know that Christians are fair game for an increasingly antagonistic world. Most of us grew up in a world where one’s Christianity was celebrated and admired. That’s no longer the case, is it?

Just remember that Jesus always told us that if we lived out our Christian beliefs as we should, the world would hate us. In any ways, then, this is to be expected.  It does sadden me that atheists, liberal elitists, and weak Christian mean and women have been elected and appointed to lead this nation. But I am first a citizen of the Kingdom of God. We must fortify and strengthen that kingdom before it can have a positive effect on the physical kingdom in which we live. Stay true to the one true God and His Word. If you suffer for it, wear that mantle with joy. I am not certain about what the next few years hold for the Christian community, but I know who holds the next few years! God has told us many times and in many ways, “fear not, for I am with you”.

Bro. Tony

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