From Your Pastor's Heart, November 29th 2017


             I guess it is seriously, officially, absolutely Christmas season now. By the time you  read this Angie and I will have our Christmas decorations up and our car radio will be on that station that plays nothing but Christmas songs. I know I pretend to be “Scrooge” this time of the year, but I truly like the Christmas season.

            And I like every aspect of it…even the secular parts. As a Christian and as His church we are to take this opportunity to celebrate the birth of the Savior of the world. That is, always emphasis the true meaning of the day. We will have many chances to do that if we are looking so always be aware of opportunities that come your way.

But Christmas has morphed into many facets.  It is Santa Claus time, it is family time, and it is a time of generous compassion. You know what? I enjoy those things, too. While I don’t want Santa Claus to be tied into any of our church events, I recognize the place the jolly fat man has in the eyes of children. That little “elf on the shelf” guy enhances the secular Christmas experience and I know kids (and parents) enjoy him. And of course, with days off, family has opportunity to gather. I grew up in a family that enjoyed the secular side of Christmas and raised my girls in that atmosphere.

Enjoy those things, even as a Christian, and have a fantastic, fun, food, and family Christmas season.  But never forget to keep the faith aspect central to your life and to your purpose of celebrating. 

It is an exciting time for our church, too. Pay close attention to the church calendar, volunteer to help as  much as possible, and help spread the word about our Christmas activities. Between the Bluff Park Christmas Parade, Gingerbread House party, Hanging of the Green, and Lights on the Bluff, we are going to be busy!

God bless you and….Merry Christmas.

Bro. Tony


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