From Your Pastor's Heart, November 2nd 2017


When Jesus was on His way to Jerusalem for the last time He sent some disciples into a Samaritan village to prepare a place for Him to stay the night.  The people of that village turned them away. Here is two of Jesus most loyal disciples response to that: “And when his disciples James and John saw it, they said, ‘Lord, do you want us to tell fire to come down from heaven and consume them?’”- (Luke 9:54)

Even after almost three years studying at the feet of Jesus, the men still wanted to destroy those who would not receive Him.  Jesus, of course, rebuked them and some manuscripts have Him replying that he didn’t come to destroy men, but to save them. Is that still hard for us to understand? Oftentimes our initial reaction to resistance is anger rather than compassion. That is certainly understandable, but still not what Jesus expects of us.

Those people who think they are being progressive and enlightening when they force city governments to stop sponsoring Christmas parades or remove memorials from city property because they are shaped like a cross have no clue that they are merely pawns of the one who would rule this world. The folks who insist on accepting any and all sexual perversions and mental confusion as normal and healthy instead of seeking help for the misfortunate do not realize they are tools of evil.

While we should continue to fight the implementation of such archaic policies that return us to the unbridled wantonness of prior empires, we are to remember that the people who push such an agenda are just that; people. They are puppets of the hand of Satan but still people.  Jesus came to save them, not destroy them. They are in need of our prayers and concern. The love, grace, and power of God changed you…they can be changed too.  Pray for them and show them the love of Christ in your encounters with them.

Bro. Tony


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