From Your Pastor's Heart, November 9th 2017


I am an excellent dog-trainer. I have a 75 pound dog named Apollo that I have trained to whimper until I get up to get him a dog biscuit.  I have trained him to stand at the door like he needs to go outside so I’ll get out of my chair so that he can then direct me to the kitchen to get him a dog biscuit. I have taught him to bump my hand again and again until I get up and get him a dog biscuit. I’ve taught him to stand on the porch and whine until I come outside and walk in the yard with him…and give him a dog biscuit when we go back inside. I’ve also trained him to paw at my hand until I rub his head and back.  Sometimes I get tired training him so well.

            Of course we all know who has been trained, don’t we?  I confess…I took the lazy way out and the result is that I have a spoiled animal that drives me crazy sometimes. But I see the same principle in many of the things that are happening today. We are abdicating our responsibilities as parents, our positions of authority as leaders, and our common sense morality at the altar of “easiest”. This shows up in the sudden enshrinement of transsexuality, gender confusion, homosexual relationships, and censoring conservative voices as “progressiveness”.

            It is so much easier to just accept any and all lifestyle choices rather than exert effort and energy to teach and model what is right. Let your child decide what sex “it” wants to be? It sure beats having to actually parent a child. Same-sex marriage viable? Why not, if that makes them happy. Calling a male or female something other than his/her true sex? Just go with the flow. That’ll keep ‘em quiet and we can get some peace.

            The fact is that we, as a society and as individuals, have the enormous responsibility to parent, lead, and govern with common sense, dignity, and truth.  It isn’t easy, but it is a must if we are to continue to be a true civilized nation of respect and honor. Of course…we must also remember that truth is found in Jesus Christ and wisdom begins with the fear of God.  We must stand our ground.

Bro. Tony

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