From Your Pastor's Heart, Oct 1st 2015


Dr. Ben Carson said recently that he didn’t think a Muslim should be elected president of the United States. He quickly received a lot of negative press and calls from the liberal left to step down as a candidate for the presidency. Many of the other candidates for the Republican nomination took the opportunity to dismiss him as a legitimate contender.  I haven’t decided who I'm going to vote for yet and I will not decide based on this one issue.  But….think about what he said.

            Would a Muslim president be good for our nation?  There are a lot of things in the Muslim beliefs and practices that are contrary to what this nation stands for and contrary to the laws of the United States. That is why you see so much discussion about the enforcement of the Islamic Sharia law within Muslim communities. The president has a lot of power and authority.  He can appoint cabinet members, nominate Supreme Court justices, and take executive actions that affect business and personal rights.

            To our detriment, many Christian politicians are quick to dismiss their personal beliefs using the politically correct manta of “tolerance” as well as some that sincerely believe that they should divorce their beliefs from their politics.  Do not think for a minute that a Muslim politician will do that in the White House; at least not for long.  Their religion is their politics and politics are a means for advancing their religion.  

            While it’s true that most Muslims are peace-loving individuals we must remember that the doctrine and practices of Islam can quickly and easily turn to violence and mayhem if deemed necessary by those who are in places of authority in the Muslim community.  Because our nation was founded on Christian principles Christianity can, and should, mesh with the government and the individual freedoms we cherish. Not so with Islam.

            I've said it before and I’ll say it again: The Muslim beliefs are a danger and threat to our way of life in these United States. Do not be afraid to stand up and be counted as a Christian…and insist that those who run our country know it.

Trust God.  Think Ahead. Plan Big.

Bro. Tony

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