From Your Pastor's Heart, Oct 22nd 2015


Scientists say they have discovered water on Mars.  They are really excited.  The presence of water, they say, is an indicator of life. So many people are desperate to discover ” life” on Mars. This, they believe, will be proof that life can evolve.  Many would then say that Mars is in the same state that the earth was “14 billion years” ago; that Mars can eventually be like earth.

            How absurd.  Water is an element, just like dirt. There is plenty of dirt on Mars and yet no animals or humans running around being productive, thinking and reasoning, breathing.  Nothing can live on Mars because it is a big ball of dirt (and maybe some briny water) without any atmosphere capable of sustaining life.  It’s way too close to the sun for life to exist (unless, of course, protective outerwear evolved first).

            Why can’t learned people see the uniqueness of all that is required for life to exist? What can’t they understand that that all the conditions for human life had to exist all at once for life to “happen”.  No amount of evolution can occur by itself.  All factors have to be perfect and in place.

            Take the human brain, for instance.  Do people really believe that there was a time that a human-like creature with a half-functioning brain could live? If the brain couldn’t tell the heart to beat, the lungs to breathe, the kidney to filter blood, among the many other amazing things that a brain/body connection must do for life to be, then how could that creature exist?  Add to that scenario a heart that isn’t functioning completely and lungs that don’t work properly….life was impossible without a sudden, completely working, perfectly functioning body.

            Water on Mars? Maybe the astronauts that go there can filter it and treat it and have a glass of it before they return to the perfect planet that God created to sustain the life He created.


Where science supposedly contradicts the word of God….trust God.

Bro. Tony

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