From Your Pastor's Heart, Oct 27th 2016


A week to go before the election and the rhetoric is getting worse than ever. I have listened to news stories and have yet to hear a story about national issues.  All I've heard is ranting about what a candidate said or did 10 or 20 years ago.  Each accuses the other of lying, cheating, and general sleaziness. And both are absolutely right! I think that I have never seen two such characters running for any office, let alone the presidency of the United States of America.  What a sad commentary on what our country is becoming. 

            So the question has been posed: Should a Christian even vote in this election?  I have several Christian friends who say they will not vote and some that say they will vote for a third party candidate (I call that “righteously not voting”).  Again, I’m not afraid of what either candidate will do for the church because the church belongs to God and transcends any person, group of people, or even nations.

            But I care about several things outside the scope of church authority. But understand that these things I care about are most certainly shaped by my firm belief in God, my adherence to His word, and my desire to follow in the footsteps of Christ. And they are shaped by my love for my children and my grandchildren and the generations that will follow.

            I care about children in the womb.  And if I have to vote for a vulgar-talking ego-maniac in order to save the life of an un-born child…..I will do so.  I care about our Christian-shaped Constitution and if I have to vote for a billionaire bully to keep people from removing all Godly values from it…I will do so.  I care about the mentally ill and if I have to vote for a loud-mouthed businessman in order to save people from butchering themselves to become something they are not…I will do so.  And I care about personal freedom.  So if I have to vote for a jerk that says unbelievably rude things in order for people to be able to actually live out their Christian beliefs in their business and benevolent endeavors….I will do that, too.

            I will, indeed, have to hold my nose as I vote this time but to the un-born, the mentally ill, the foundational document of our nation, and Christian business people and workers, I want you to know this: I'm voting for you. I believe it to be both my Christian and patriotic duty to do so.  I love my brothers and sisters in Christ who are thinking about not voting but I really hope you will reconsider and vote for the issues instead of against unsavory characters.

As usual, say something good about your Savior and about His Church here at Bluff Park.

Bro. Tony

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