From Your Pastor's Heart, Oct 29th 2015


A few weeks ago the church observed “Pastor and Staff Appreciation Day”.  I haven’t had the opportunity in this column to say thank you.  So….thank you! I know I speak for the whole staff when I say that it is a joy to serve this wonderful church.  Each of you adds to the things that make Bluff Park Baptist Church so special and unique. And Bluff Park Baptist is indeed a unique church.

            In the past few months several people, from new members to those who have been around a long time, have said to me that they don’t understand why we don’t grow and why people aren’t flocking to this church.  We, they say, are so warm, friendly, accepting, and loving.  And they are absolutely right: We are all of those things…and more.

            Is it the preaching? The music? The times of our meetings? We ask “What is it that we can change to attract people to this church?”.  That last question may give us a clue.  Are we trying to attract people to this “church” or are we trying to attract people to Jesus?  Are we trying to excite them or disciple them?  Perhaps our preaching could be a little more eloquent and maybe our music could be a little more contemporary.  But in all honesty is the “style” of worship the most important thing about a church?

            We may not have a charismatic, dynamic preacher but we have a pastor who loves people and wants to minister to them.  We may not stand and sing loud, heart-pumping music but we truly care about people and minister to them in times of need.  We may not go on mission trips to around the world but we will carry the banner of Christ to this community as we support missions across the globe.  We will hurt with you…pray with you…laugh and rejoice with you….love you and be there when you need us.  You can’t ask for a better church family than that.

            John 12:32 (NIV)
32 But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself."


Bro. Tony

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