From Your Pastor's Heart, Oct 6th 2016


Growing up I watched many cartoons starring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and others. In those cartoons anytime one of the characters was shown to be “mentally unstable”, usually from a hit on the head or the like, they thought they were Napoleon; that is, they we shown temporarily dressed as the famous French leader, posed in  the iconic portrait of him in the huge black hat with his hand inside his red tunic.  Now every viewer understood this one great fact: the character was not Napoleon, no matter what he thought.  Everyone from the learned psychiatrist to the simple layperson knew that it wasn’t who you thought you were that was important.  It was who you truly were that counted.  Society had a responsibility to help you find your true self.

            Quite the opposite today, isn’t it? We are being told that it is who we think we are that matters. We have traded the words “identify as” for “think we are” so that is doesn’t sound so dumb, but it’s the same idea.  A male “identifies: as a female (thinks he is a girl) and we are supposed to accept that, affirm that, and encourage that. The same with a female “identifying” as a male (thinking she is a boy). This doesn’t “border on absurdity”, it grabs absurdity in a grandmotherly hug.  Centuries of medical knowledge, pure common sense, and an outright disregard for the Creator have been tossed out the window.

            This is more than just a social or cultural issue. It is a religious issue first. People are not born without gender or sex so that it can be discovered later. God creates with purpose and a plan. It is He who assigns those qualities.  As Christians we are to have compassion on those people, but we are not to affirm their disability and thus disqualify God’s creative purpose. So don’t be afraid to stand up and say it’s wrong. People may call you a hater or judgmental…or even worse.  But it’s worth the ridicule if we can help one of those poor, misguided people achieve the true happiness of discovering God’s plan for them.  Stay strong.

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