From Your Pastor's Heart, Oct 8th 2015


The Pope made a huge splash with his visit to the United States. His every step was documented and if possible, televised.  Hundreds of thousands gathered to hear him speak or just to catch a glimpse of him. Why?

The “regular folks”, (Who this pope as engaged and identifies with …and I admire him for that) wanted a blessing: a word of encouragement. Politicians and media wanted policy statements hoping for an indication that this pope was going to propel the church (that is, the Catholic Church) into the 21st century. That’s always the case, isn’t it? Every time a religious body has a change in leadership people want to know if he is going to finally “modernize” the groups’ beliefs.  Will the church finally catch up to “the times”?

We can change the numbers on the years, but people remain the same.  The dark, selfish, and un-Godly desires of carnal human nature has not changed since Cain killed Able.  There is nothing new and modern about what is going on in this world today. Civilizations that killed babies in the womb, practiced homosexual lifestyles, engaged in drunken revelry, devalued human life, and encouraged un-inhibited sexual practices have always existed.  In fact, we hesitated to call them “civilized”. That is the culture that people want the church to embrace yet, it was Christianity that began changing all of that.

True progress and civilization began with the Christians call for selflessness, servitude, compassion and understanding. The “progressives” of the day were Christians who called for temperance, freed women from the status as property, valued all human life, and sough goodness and light in the way they lived.

The world…our nation…does not need a church that embraces current cultural morals.  We need Jesus. When any leader, from local pastor all the way to the pope, who begins to adapt the church to the world is leading the church to a place of ineffectiveness and weakness.  We have seen that throughout history.

Stand strong. Be courageous.

Bro. Tony

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