From Your Pastor's Heart, October 26th 2017


One of the things I like about social media is that I get to engage people in discussions about the Bible. So many times I read people trying to discredit it entirely  or explain away certain beliefs by describing the faults that it has.  For instance one person argued that the Bible couldn’t be trusted because it didn’t mention dinosaurs. It’s funny how someone would risk their eternal life because the Bible never spoke of dinosaurs. First, the word dinosaur wasn’t coined until 1842; of course it doesn’t appear in the Bible. The word dodo doesn’t appear in the Bible either, but I’m certain they existed. In fact, the Bible never speaks of giraffes, kangaroos, or hamsters. Does that mean it can’t be trusted? The Bible wasn’t given to us to clarify animal species; it simply states that God created all animals.  We can name them whatever we wish.

Many people also try to justify their lifestyles by what they claim the Bible doesn’t explicitly condemn by name. Take homosexuality and same-sex marriage, for example. It was pointed out to me that Jesus never actually said that homosexuality was wrong.  Again, the word homosexual didn’t exist then.  The word or words used to describe that behavior were usually translated as words like “effeminate” or “unnatural”.  The Bible does speak of those things, and not in a favorable way.  In the book of Mark, Jesus describes marriage as a union between a man and woman. Only spiritually blind person would look at that passage and say it doesn’t necessarily mean that.

Even the transphilia movement has jumped aboard the “the Bible doesn’t explicitly say transsexual lifestyles are wrong”. But it does point out God’s plan for what is right when it explicitly says that God created them male and female. There is no third sex nor is gender determined at a later date by the individual.

It boils down to this: If you seek truth in the Bible you will find it, clearly and plainly; if you are looking for an excuse, you will twist scripture any way you want to fit your twisted desires.

Stay true and committed to the very word of God.

Bro. Tony

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