From Your Pastor's Heart, October 5th 2017


One of the purposes of writing this column every week is to address current issues and how Christians should act based on our Biblical worldview of the issues. That is usually pretty easy as the Bible certainly speaks to the way we live our lives.  I honestly try to steer clear of politics in most cases because Christians can certainly disagree with each other on some political issues without being un-Biblical.

     However on many issues the Bible speaks loudly and clearly.  Because of that I can, and will, take a stand.  Most certainly these stands will draw hatred and disdain from those with a non-Biblical worldview.  While that does bother me somewhat because I want people to like me, it is to be expected.  Followers of Christ will be treated just like Christ; He said that the world would hate us because they hate Him.

     What we have to learn to do is to take these attacks on our beliefs as an opportunity to explain why we believe as we do.  Remembering to, as the Bible tells us, “speak the truth in love”. For instance, last week I was told that if Christians didn’t support Obamacare it was because we didn’t want poor folks to have access to healthcare and we should “burn in hell like a Hot Pocket”. (Sounds like a nice guy, doesn’t he?). I took the opportunity to tell him of God’s love for all people and how our church took a benevolence offering and helped as many people as we could with whatever problems they encountered, regardless of race or what religion they embraced, if any. I told him of the food ministry we supported and Alabama Baptist Disaster relief teams we support and how they were in the areas hit by the hurricanes giving out free food, water, and clothing as they physically helped with the clean up.

    I also told him that even though he wished hell itself on me I would never want that for him.  I told him that God loved him and I loved him in Christ.  He never responded to that, but I hope that he came to just a little better understanding of the heart of Christ and how His followers respond to adversity.  Look for opportunity to speak of God’s love.

Bro. Tony


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