From Your Pastor's Heart, Sept 17th 2015


“Hate speech”. Do you and I use hate speech? If so, are we breaking the law?  On an American Bar Association website hate speech is defined as “speech that offends, threatens, or insults groups, based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or other traits.”

            When I say that homosexual activity is a sin is that hate speech because it offends those living a homosexual lifestyle? I certainly do not hate anyone who chooses to live that way; I simply believe that the Bible teaches that it is a sin.  But, indeed, the laws of our land are hurriedly being interpreted to include any opposition to homosexuality as hate speech.  Why is that such a problem? We can still preach it and teach it in the confines of the church, can’t we? For right now, yes.  But because it is “hate speech” we cannot speak it in the schools, government assemblies, and places of incarceration. In short, we are being forbidden to practice what we believe.  Our voice is being silenced.

            At the same time, proponents of illicit and abnormal sexual practices are given access to all such institutions.  Unnatural unions and lifestyles are celebrated and encouraged; hence Bruce Jenner’s “hero” status among the cultural elite. Is there any hope?

            In the era in which God chose to speak to us his New Covenant, the great Roman empire was in just such a state as our nation is right now. Whatever steps we are taking as a society is not toward a greater civilization; rather it is a huge leap back into an uncivilized, pagan culture that soon fell apart.  Here is a great truth: During that time the church flourished and people were saved on a daily basis.  The foundation upon which the church was built was laid in that un-godly era and stands strong today.  The church still stands among the ruins of Roman Empire that rose and fell.  The church will stand tomorrow.  Stand firm. Don’t waver.  God is on His throne.     

Trust God.  Plan big.  Work hard.

Bro. Tony

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