From Your Pastor's Heart, Sept 28th 2017


            Please don’t forget that our annual “Grace on the Bluff” is Saturday, October 7th.   It takes a lot of work to get ready for that day so there is a sign-up sheet by the rear entrance for you to help on the days we receive and sort the donations.  Please check out the times and volunteer.  This has become a much anticipated community event and the demonstration of God’s love in action is not lost on those who attend.  As you prepare physically for Grace on the Bluff also be in prayer for those who are touched by the message.  God can, and will, work through such activities to reach people with that message of His grace and salvation.

            This also marks the beginning of the “busy season”.  From now through the end of the year we have a lot of things going on.  Not only is the church busy but family and work and school lives are hectic.  Please pray for physical rest and blessings for all and pray that the secular aspects of this time do not override the work of God’s people through His church.  We have so many opportunities during the Fall/Christmas season to lift up and glorify our Lord Jesus.

On a different note, the year 2018 will mark the church’s 120th anniversary.  The Long Range Planning Committee has been talking about some things we can do to reach out in our community and better minister to those around us as we grow.  Be praying earnestly about how we can implement some things as we take advantage of this celebration of our 120th year of serving Bluff Park.  I can already feel a renewed sense of excitement in our Bible Study classes and our worship services as we seek God’s will for our church.  I know He is going to bless our work!           

Bro. Tony

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