From Your Pastor's Heart, September 8th 2016


I've said before that our nation has begun marginalizing Christianity and thus discriminating against Christians.  I believe we are treated unfairly in both the government sphere and the workplace.  Should I refuse to stand for the National Anthem or refrain from the Pledge of Allegiance? Of course not.  Let me tell you why I stand for the “Star Spangled Banner”.

            I stand to honor for the protection it offers, not the perfection it can never reach. Ironically, by not standing for the singing, you are exercising the protection it offers. That flag symbolizes the right you have to make a jerk out of yourself in public.  It protects you from government repercussion of your dissent.

            I stand for the freedom it gives me, not the failure of the people who live under it.  I travel about without fear of being detained for being a Christian and I meet whenever I want with whomever I want and study the Bible, and sing praises to God. I can preach the Gospel, wear Christian attire in public, and even go door-to-door and tell folks about Jesus.

            I stand for the sacrifices that have been made, not the selfishness of many who inhabit our borders.  Are there racist in our nation? Of course there are…and some who even hide behind the cross.  But to sit during the national anthem is to ignore and dishonor the hundreds of thousands of those who served, fought, and even died to protect the many freedoms one enjoys in the greatest nation that has ever existed.

            To those who would protest the flag by not standing in its honor I have a question.  In the midst of heated battle when you are in danger of your life, which flag would you like to see waving when the smoke clears?

            My first allegiance is to Christ, but thank God I live in America. I proudly stand and gaze at that star spangled banner as it waves over the” land of the free and the home of the brave”.

            As usual,

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Bro. Tony

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